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  Topic: Money sweet Money guide .
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This is a guide i used long long ago when i was rlly starting ro and half of the stufs saying here i skiped it yet just by following the first steps u will be making very good zeny , if u take ur time to read it all and make some research i asure you will be rich in matter of 2 weeks , disclaim i thank the guy who did this guide and my mentors in sos who always trying to make me follow steps from here too, hope it helps .


Zeny: How to make it, and save it.

This guide is based on my findings in IRO Ė Chaos. Some of the tips may not apply with other versions of Ragnarok, and prices used as example may vary from server to server. Overall though, most of these tips will help with all versions of RO. This guide will initially help people who have just started to play Ragnarok, but all the information here can be of use to novice to experienced players.

Everyone wants to be rich. May it be for a fancy headgear, or the best equips for your characters. Earning zeny is one of the main objectives in the game next to having a high levelled character, and having zeny is essential to getting there.
There are a lot of guides out there with helpful ideas, and this guide is a combination of those with a lot of tips from my own discoveries. This guide will inform you of ways you can make zeny from things you may not have been aware of, and most of all, ways to save your zeny so you can take full advantage of your funds when it's needed.

Zeny and You:

Since I've started playing RO, I've always had one rule that I'll tell people even today: "I prefer the free option." What does this mean? It doesn't mean that you should expect to get everything for free, but rather to put effort into getting something for yourself, instead of buying it outright. Being lazy is one of the greatest things that will drain your zeny. Need 10 jellopy for a quest? Go out and hunt them! Don't spend money buying them from a vendor, you're just making them rich! Need to get to Izlude from Prontera? WALK! That extra 30 seconds won't kill you! Want Straw hat? Go out and hunt the items to make one! Although some things are very difficult to obtain on your own (for instance getting a whisper card when you're a low level character with no elemental weapon/attack) a lot of things are easily in your reach, so if you're able to do it by yourself, then do so!

[The 3 Rules of Zeny Management]

1. You NEED a merchant!

Some people may protest that you donít need a merchant.
I can not stress enough the importance of having a merchant. With level 10 Discount, Overcharge and Vending, this will be the main factor of all your zeny making.
YOU NEED A MERCHANT. Youíve got 5 character slots, make use of them!

2. Pick up EVERYTHING!

This is pretty self explanatory. Every little bit counts. It all adds up. Also, in this day of Ragnarok, quite a substantial amount of common loot items are needed for other things like quests and headgears. You might end up kicking yourself for missing out on common item that you'll end up needing later on that you simply didn't bother to pick up.

3. Empty Bottles - Your Biggest Friend.
For those starting out, you'll soon find out that the common empty bottle will be the start of your fortune. Iíll explain this in greater detail later. <-- special atention to this one , also check PICK UP EVERYTHING AND YOU NID A MERCHANT.

Zeny Management Strategy #1: Abuse Your Merchant's Skills.

If you need to buy something from an NPC, let your merchant discount it. If you're going to sell something to an NPC, let your merchant overcharge it. Itís as simple as that. Put your loot in storage and let the merchant act as your money holder.
Note: Using storage DOES cost money, so donít feel obliged to put in those 10 Sticky Mucus you just got in storage right away, wait until you're on the verge of being overweight before unloading your loot. The same goes with your Merchant, take out the loot when your storage is overflowing with items. Be patient with this, every little bit counts.

If you have a fair bit of zeny to deal with, you may find it of use to stock up (or bulk buy) discounted Awakening Potions, Fly Wings, Yggdrasil Leaves, and Blue Gemstones and just leave them in storage for easy access when your other characters needs them. No Merchant sells fully discounted items, and this way youíll be saving each time.

At at a higher level, if you wish to keep a small amount of zeny on each character for those buying emergencies, and donít want to give all your loot to your merchant to overcharge, a process Iíve adapted is to only hoard items that sell to an NPC for over 200z for your merchant, such as Zargons, Manacles and Mud Lumps, and anything that sells for less, sell to an NPC to give your character that extra bit of cash.

There is a NPC in Al De Baran that converts Worm Peelings and Jellopies into Red Potions for you to use while levelling.
Alternatively, there is a NPC in Alberta that converts Jellopy into Red Potions or Carrots.
You can find a meat merchant in Prontera (63,124) who will sell it to you for 50z, or 38z full discounted.<-- i loved meat , healed better than other cheap heal items .
Empty botles ? man is a pain to farm em ... Myth!
You can do this with any class character, but it is much quicker with a class that has an AOA skill (Area of Attack), for instance, a mage with thunder storm, a hunter with blitz beat or a swordy with magnum break. Go visit Ant Hell (three maps south from inside Prontera) and right near the entrance spawns a lot of Andre ant eggs. Use the AOA skills to kill them all at once, and pick up all the empty bottles, phracron, iron ore, and if youíre lucky, ant egg cards you find. Within an hour you can have 300+ empty bottles and a whole lot of loot! Just make sure you look out for Maya Purple who likes to hang around and kill anything in her path.
note: empty botles open ur door to the edp selling once u are selling edps money start flowing out ur merchant like booom .

Zeny Management Strategy #4 - Supply the Public With What They Need!!!

Check wad pple is on nid , if u get it is ensured u will make money put of it . If someone u see tht is talkin wid their friends and u hear him say i nid +10 shoes or giglin boxes farm from them and u will get urself a client , Sinxs are always in nid of deadly potions these should be ur vip buyers at a cheap price of 200k each edp sell 100 edp is 20m farm 1000 edp is 200m wolah u have more zeny than me .

Zeny Management Strategy #5 - DO SOME RESEARCH!

Now if only I had known what I do now when I first started playing RO. If you are new to this game I URGE you to do some research on this. I will hopelessly admit that when I first started playing, I was selling r.eluniums to NPCs because I had no idea what they were for, and what they were worth.

Check up on items, quests, EVERYTHING, you may not know it but those items you have horded in your training session could be worth a lot more to someone else than the NPC you were going to sell it to. Check things like headgear quests, what certain pets eat, and take your time to look through Prontera to get an idea of what items are really worth.
A well informed merchant is a good merchant.

Zeny Management Strategy #6 - How You Advertise Yourself Can Make You Rich.

Your shop name might not seem very important, but it is a key factor on how successful you are. The general idea is if you are selling something in high demand, list what it is. If youíre selling pots, have a shop name of "POTS". If your selling awakes DO NOT have your shop name as "LOOK HERE PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ". Remember those novices who come up and beg, "zeny plz, tank plz, warp plz"? Remember how much you HATE beggars? Well your customers hate beggars too, so DONT BEG WITH YOUR SHOP NAME.
Now, if you have too much of an assortment of items, and they all wont fit in your shop name, use something that will grab the attention of possible buyers. I do NOT mean have "QUITTING SALE" because frankly, we've all learnt to ignore these things. Use a name people can relate to, or maybe find funny, it makes them feel obliged to have a look at what's inside.
For example: On my merchant, I'm generally selling a lot of assorted junk. So what shop name do I use? "SEX!"... Sex really does sell, and I've gotten many messages from people saying how my shop name grabbed their attention, and even other people have started to copy me Razz

Zeny Management Strategy #10 Ė In-Game Events.

Resumed : be prepared to the events , and make custom hats they sell goood pple wana have em .

Zeny Management Strategy #11 - Long Term Investments.

The best? make a stalker of dagger , they autosteal while killing monster in term of time u're gettin double loot wich will be double the zeny when u overprice the npc wid ur merchant .
Forge whitesmith , easy as it sounds u usually find gears and if u readed so far u are aware tht eluniums and oridecons should be saved , upgrade equips . forge elemental weapons .

Zeny Management Strategy #12 - Sometimes it Helps to Hunt Rares.

Although there is never any guarantee that you'll ever get a rare while you're hunting one, spending time in a high-rare chance area could kick start you on your way to making millions. It also helps to hunt items that are in great demand, as ones that aren't desired as much will take a while to sell, and by that stage you'll most likely lower the price just to get it off your hands.

While hunting rares it also is ideal to go to a place that suits your level and character. Rare hunting while gaining easy exp makes the process less painful if you come out empty handed. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 days to finally get a rare, so you'll want to get something else while you're at it.
Also don't try to hunt rares in places that are too difficult for you. Dying constantly doesn't make it any easier, and in the worst case scenario, a rare might drop but you'll die before you get to pick it up.

Payon dungeon level 3: HYDRA PIT

On this map are Bonguns, Munaks, Skeleton Archers, Hydras and one ninetails.
Just a bit north of the center of this map is a pool of water that spawns a mob of hydras. Use a wizard, hunter or some other character with an area attack to kill these off easily. Bonguns and Munaks will easily fall to a firewall, but Ninetails might be a problem, so just fly wing away if you can't handle it.
The mass killing of hydras will increase your chance of getting a hydra card, as well as the off chance of getting, munak/bongun hats, apple of archer or an OBB from monsters that come to pester you during your hydra killing fest.

Another hydra pit is located on Amatsu field. This place is ideal for agi characters as the kaphas are great job exp. Knights can bowling bash the hydras while gaining exp from kaphas and other monsters. This map is also full of loot, including cyfars.

Zenorcs: Can you say "Overweight"?

Basically any class can do well here. Exp is great for 60+ people to get to 70. Not too many rares here, but theres so much loot that you'll make up for the lack of rares with basic overcharge goods. Battlesmiths have the advantage as they can put their loot in their carts.

Mushroom hunting time!!!
Say whaaaa!?
For this u have two ways , have a biochemist lvl 70 or so buy stems with discount and farm ur mushrooms or
Outside of Alberta, and one screen down is a map full of wormtails. In the bottom right of this map is a group of red mushrooms.

Poison Spores
Alcohol - nided for chemical protection botles - glistenin coat sell easy 50k a piece on a vendor .
Karvodailnirol - Needed for Deadly poison . i saw pple using main buyin 100k each karvo , figure if is not good busisnes farm karvos .

Aclaration and disclaim , i copied and pasted mostly of this guide on some parts i took the work of put my self comments ,since im in a hurry to get puntual to work .. This same guide helped me a lot back on the times when i just joined ro i dint bothered to read it all back then and like the same it says if i would know if just i would made research i wouldnt selled elus to the shop for 000 zenies when could sold em to fella player for 10k each wid ease .
Hope it helps .
Note: this guide is originally for x1 rate server so figure tht here u will be doing zeny lot faster .

P.S: i have my own busisnes now runing is called "shelby make u stronger" i can make your attk 10% stronger , sell u edps , rares gears of lowrate drop, and some good usables for pvp .. i gota clear tht i only take this job if someone ask me make me 100 each of % attk usables , 100 pvp usables 200 edps etc .
Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:43 am
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