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  Download Full Installer
Download the Full Installer in order to play Reign Online. This installer includes all the files you need to login and play. You do not need any other files. Should you have any problems in-game, you can always re-download and re-install this file. This will fix most in-game technical problems.

If you do not have an account, please visit the Game Account page to register for a game account.

The use of any download managers is not recommended to download this file. It may corrupt your download.

Version 1 of the Reign Online client is no longer supported! Please use the latest version 2 client.

Version 2.12
1.57GB EXE file

Download from:
Primary Site

  Download Small Installer
Download the Small Installer only at the recommendation of a Reign Online Staff Member and if you have already installed the Full Installer previously. The Small Installer does not have all the files required to connect and play on the Reign Online server and is meant as a convenience to players who have problems patching.

(Proper usage of the Small Installer requires existing and UP-TO-DATE data.grf, rdata.grf and BGM folder)

Version 2.12
85MB EXE file

Download from:
Primary Site

  Download Ventrilo Chat Client
Engage in voice chat with other Reign Online players - for free! Download the Ventrilo Chat client and experience Reign Online at a much more personal level.

Please talk to the Ventrilo Chicken in Prontera for connection information.

Download Ventrilo