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  Topic: 6% more heal delay its not good
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Joined: 07 Mar 2010
Posts: 264

Post  Post subject: Re: YOU ARE ALL HERETICS! Reply with quote

Booting up the logic machine.
Logic Machine booted.
Logic Machine Pissed.
Logic Machine loading FLAMMEN WUERFER to murder you all.

I just find it funny before Saturdays WoE everyone was like

Here is what I thought after Saturdays WoE.

At least people cant put the blame all on healing items anymore. (But we all know it still wont stop them from trying. Razz ) and now that even with a 3 second delay, they still cant kill people. And the Status Quo for who holds what castle still remains the same, gee imagine that.

So what do i come on the forums and read?

This server is full of cry babies who whine, moan and groan when things are not their way, and then they get what they want, and they still are not getting their way, so they whine and cry and forum spam until its changed yet again, and this will keep going until the WoE environment is a one-sided 85 degree angle hill where you won't have a snowflakes chance in hell.

The Enchant scrolls from a few years ago, the honey vender thing, the pancakes and giggles now, and other things. I should also add all of these were started by SoS. Gee look what guild left the server, yet again for the third time now? (save 3 people) Fucking ingrates, least they could do is stick around if their gonna whine so much & demand the server be tailored to their specificity. One time I shit you all not, Dais pulled out a crystal ball on team-speak and predicted and I quote "Naw bro SoS is just gonna get shit banned or removed then leave like they did the last two times, oh shit dude, im out of blunts, brb gonna roll one." Geeeeee words of wisdom eh? Might as well make it 3 since their gonna do it again over SOMETHING dumb.

The only reason people are getting away with it is because there are so few people on this server. Any of you really, anyone, go try this exact discussion on any other P-Server, and come back with your results, I wont be surprised if your ridiculed & laughed off of the server. This server has been dying for a while, its full of nothing more than online cliques and groups of elitist assholes on all sides, the forums are never active save 4 people spamming random chat & marketplace and when were all arguing with each-other in this forum; The fact that we don't have third jobs in isn't helping either. Luzz & GM's are not to blame for most of this though (save third jobs), the community is responsible for being the most fascist emblem loving pieces of crap ever.

The only reason I am speaking is because I see some people want to go to the extremes because they cant kill EVERYONE by SPAMMING the bowling bash button. Gee I thought Reign didn't like ANY kind of spam at all? This community and EVERYONE who posted in this thread, are all filthy lying heretics, who deserve to be burned in the fires of Yawgmoths Tomb unto The Great Old Ones.

//rant end.

From: A pissed off side lines watcher
To: All of Reign online, every last person I know save, Luzz & GM's Jezebel & Skye & Venser.

Please have a nice day! Smile

ALSO inb4 over 9000 Herman Cain quotes.

"If you, can not kill people, even with a 3 second delay, blame yo'self." - Herman Cain

For once I somewhat agree with you Steve -.-

This went from "Oh 3 sec delay sucks"
To-- "OMG implement 6 sec!!"

Can't you all just be happy with the little things in life? Sheesh
Luzz isn't here to cater to your every whim and wish because WoE or PvP or w/e isn't going your way.

A few people brought up valid points in this topic, but otherwise all I'm seeing is everyone just whining for more. Where's the justification? Where's your arguments?

Oh well, Flame on eh? Rolling Eyes
Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:20 pm
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Joined: 17 Sep 2010
Posts: 94

Post  Post subject: Reply with quote

For my part, my justification was satire.


Reign Online: The only place where severe brain damage can be reversed in a matter of months.
Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:21 pm
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Joined: 25 Jun 2010
Posts: 593

Post  Post subject: Reply with quote

actually o.o ive always been against them O.O! JUST SAYIN~ but im fine with delay.

I think people are over reacting. using the words "whining and such" o.o just let people post? O.o personally think you went a little over boared steven but its cool your opinion not gonna hate.

Fen i noticed you didnt like my post cause i didnt have reasoning o.o well sir ive been here along time and yes imma go there but back then no one used healing items, no one whined about them no one complained about them and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and less contraversy/drama. maybe its just me missin the better days of reign. but everyone stood a chance and i believe the server was equal. o.o personally i dont use them, ive fought people who do and lost plenty of times (not my point), ive see 4 on 1 and the 1 person win due to spammin healing items (my point). In my opinion its more fun for everyone..... problem is some people are used to having them or maybe the newer players are built around them so of course they want to keep them O.o im not tryin to target anyone just a personal opinion, never liked them, never will =/. Now theres a delay and glad that something was finally done about it. If someone wanted to make a post about gettin rid of them. id support it just like i always had. as far as the delay im satisfied and as i said earlyer people should give it a try before tryin to get furter action or tryin to get the delay off. has it even been a week? ._. as i said if you wanna hate, hate in no mercy not on forums <3! rage in no mercy not on forums. wanna complain about people whining? do it in no mercy not on forums. ITS A FORUM POST YOUR OPINIONS Very Happy!

btw when i say "healing items" i refer to giggls pancakes ect... not pots or slim pots (for all the smart asses out there) <3!

Super Beaner (Ex. BoC sniper/NBH)
Copy Cat (Nub)
Reneab (BoC Star Glad/NBH~)
Captain Bean (DoA)
Gerg De Bean (Degeneration X)
Alovein (Degeneration X)
Sir Beansalot (Degeneration X Leader)

NBH Fo-Life Motha FAKU~
Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:05 pm
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Site Admin

Joined: 14 Oct 2007
Posts: 956

Post  Post subject: Reply with quote


As it is now with the delay, consumable healing items can only be used to sustain after a battle, as I believe is fair. That person put time and effort into farming the ingredients/items so that he could have less time having to find someone to heal him.

I think this sums up a big part of the change - which, as many people stated, people agreed on.

To the few who disagree with the change (not to be philosophical or condescending), but:

Adapt. Learn. Get better. Live outside your comfort zone. Not just true for an online game - game imitates life. I know that some people like familiarity, but change is always good.

(This isn't even such a big change!! Evil or Very Mad )

I think all that players wanted to say, has been said. Let's close this topic now, give this change some time to set in. If anyone wants to bring this back up later, feel free to do so.
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Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:18 pm
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