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  Topic: Trashy Flower's Command Guide
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The purpose of this guide is to help and inform new and old players of the commands and their uses. Who knows, maybe you'll find something useful. I sure have. Razz

@storage - This command lets you access your account storage from anywhere at anytime. Any character from the same account will be able to withdraw and deposit items in the same storage.

@gstorage - This command allows the player to access the guild storage (you must be in a guild first) anywhere and only when no one else in your guild is going through it. Guilds use guild storage to deposit unwanted goods in there to aid other fellow guild mates. Try not to take in excess because that is called guild looting and is looked down upon in the community.

@die - Use this command to instantly kill your character. It may sound silly, but is commonly used to get out of guild castles since the @go command doesn't function in there.

@go - This command is probably the most used command. This command allows the player to instantly warp to a set point on a certain map. All towns are designated a specific number (i.e. Prontera - 0, Geffen - 2, Payon - 3, etc...). In addition to using numbers players may also type the first few letters of a town to warp there (i.e. Nifleim - Nif, Payon - Pay, etc...). Here are a few examples of how to use the @go command.

Suppose you want to warp to Aldebaron...
Aldebaron's designated number is 6, so I would type
@go 6
OR I could just type @go alde

@memo - Used to list the current memory points set by the Acolyte's Warp Portal skill. To create a warp point, create an Acolyte base character, stand on a spot then type /memo.

@petrename - Remember how you could only give your pet a new name once? Well not anymore! Thanks to this command you may rename your pet as many times as you wish.

@party - Used to create a party. To use type @party followed by a space and the party's name. To invite people into your party right click them and click invite to party. Sometimes the invite will fail if the other character already is in a party or denies the request. To further edit the circumstances of your party hold both Alt and Z. Then on the bottom choose Party options and edit from there. To leave a party type /leave.

@time & @servertime - Informs the user of the time (military hours) and how long the server has been in night/day hours and how long it will be until night/day.

@date & @serverdate - Tells the user the current date.

@jailtime - Informs a jailed character of how much time they have spent in jail and how long is left until their sentence is lifted.

@refresh - Refreshes the screen and reloads /effect, aura, weather settings, etc

@pettalk - Enables your pet to say what you have typed. To use put a space between the command and the message.

@skilltree - Tell the player what class skill tree they are using (i.e. If you are a Creator it would tell you that you are using a Creator's Skill Tree.) Additionally it tells you if a specific skill is in that class' skill tree by putting in it's skill number.

@autoloot - Picks up all items. Type again to turn it off. To pick up items that drop at a specific drop rate type the command followed by a space and the percentage rate drop.

@alootid - Autoloots only the specified item. To specify the item type the command followed by a space and the item's name or ID number. Very useful for farming. There are 5 alootid slots, allowing you to autoloot 5 different items at once. To use different slots, enter a slot number after the item id. For example @alootid jellopy 4, @alootid emperium 5.

@mobinfo & @monsterinfo & @mi- Displays all basic information about a specific monster (it's stats, element, race, drops, etc...) Leave a apace after the command and type the monster's name or ID number to use.

@exp - Displays the character's current Base and Job Lvl along with the percentage.

@rates - Displays the server's exp/job/and drop rates.

@iteminfo & @ii - Used to tell the user the highest drop rate of the item, if any NPCs sell them and at what price and what price they will purchase them for. Enter the item name or item ID to use.

@whodrops - Tells the player which monsters drop the specified item in order of highest drop rate to the least. Enter the item name or item ID to use.

@whereis - Informs player where the specified monster exists and in what quantity on the map. Enter the mob name or mob ID to use.

@me - Makes the player speak in third person. (i.e. @me thinks Luzz is lame would come out as *Trashy Flowers thinks Luzz is lame*)

@showexp - Displays the accurate job and base experience gained from every single monster in the chat window.

@showzeny - Displays the zeny gained from each monster killed. (Quick Tip: Higher Level monsters tend to drop higher amounts of zeny)

@showdelay - Tells the user in the chat window that they may not use a skill due to the delay time of the last skill used.

@autotrade & @at - When a Merchant based character is in Vending mode he/she may use this skill to vend even while logged off. When relogging into the account with the vending vendor it will kick him/her off and ask the user to relog back in. Very useful for vending when you are asleep, in class, or AFK. Great way to make zeny.

@changegm - Changes the current guild master of a guild to another online guildmember.

@changeleader - same as @changegm but works for a party instead.

@partyoption - A quicker way of setting up the party loot settings.

@invite - Invites outside players into an ongoing duel. (Only the person who started the duel may do this).

@duel - When this command is followed by a space and a character's name it invites the player to a duel. Players must wait 1 minute after dueling to invite another player.

@leave - Leaves the duel the character is participating in at the moment.

@accept - accepts a duel when someone uses @duel on you.

@reject - Rejects a duel when someone requests to duel you.

@away & @aw - Type a message after the command. This will leave an instant message for characters who try to PM you.

@main - similar to a universal chat room. Anyone and everyone in @main will be able to speak to each other no matter where they are by using @main followed by the chat message or by PM-ing Main

@commands - Gives the player a list of available commands. (But you wont need it because I'm listing them for you! Hooray!)

@noask - Automatically rejects any trades players request with you.

@request - Sends a message to all online GMs whether they be on their legit charcters or on their GM characters. You may only use this for technical, abuse, or donation questions/issues. Depending on which GMs are on and how busy they are, there may be a delay in their response to you.

@homtalk - Similar to pet talk but for a Homunculus.

@hominfo - Displays info about your Homunculus.

@homstats - Reveals your Homunculus's stats.

@auction - Opens up the auction window. The window is broken up into 4 categories of items - Armor, Weapons, Cards, and Micellaneous. The List button shows you items currently being auctioned. The Register buttons allows you to list your items for auction. Sell is a list of items you have sold, and Buy is a list of items you have bought through the auction house. To view an item, right-click the item's icon. To bid on an item, right-click on an item's name and select Place Bid. The time end is when the auction will end, in MM-DD-HH format (ie, 04-02-23 means 11PM on April 2nd).

@mail - Enables the user to write mail to another player and check mail sent by others.

@noks - Enabled and disables the no-kill-steal feature (excludes MVPs). Type '@noks party' to allow only party members to attack mobs you have attacked, or '@noks guild' to allow only guild members to attack mobs you have attacked. Type @noks to toggle the feature on and off. Does not prevent others from attacking MVPs (MVPs are free for all).

@sleep - Enables you to sleep and wake up if you are already asleep. When sleeping, you cannot be attacked or attack players or mobs. When you wake up, you have no HP. Cannot be used in WoE. Perfect for players who like to go AFK often.

@dance - Party on! Dance like you've never danced before. We promise not to laugh.

@pvpignore - Ignore a player in some PvP rooms (currently, only the Social Room). You will not be able to attack the other player, and they will not be able to attack you.

@pvpallow - Allow a blocked player to hit you again. The other player must issue this command also toallow you to hit him.

@pvpignorelist - Prints a list of who you are not allowed to attack in certain PvP maps.
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