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  Topic: Memories I'll never forget
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I was going through my computer and found the Reign Online launcher and thought how things have been going. Turns out the server's been shut down for some time.
Many may not know me but I'm Moonlil from a guild called TEAMADD. I'm from when Reign online was RainRO I did play for sometime on ReignOnline.
I must say this server is very nostalgic and dear to my heart. Nothing can replace the time I've spent on Rain/Reign. I've meet many new friends who I'm still in contact with now. I've had many fun and sad times but it was the one place I did the most growing up.
Even with the news that Reign is no longer in commission it doesn't change the fact that we hold many memories of this place. The community here was wonderful. We were all family in some way. We always help others. I have taken the lessons I've learned from Reign and brought it to other games I now play.
I know it is sad that Luzz is no longer able to maintain this server but It was all for not. Although the server is no longer up Luzz was able to keep and maintain a wonderful community that was Reign and for me help me to be the person I am. I just hope everyone was able to become a better version of themselves and met many new friends while playing on Reign. I know I did.
Moonlil - Gypsy
Alexial - Gunslinger
Ellone - Whitesmith
Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:06 am
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luzz wrote:

I still have all the Reign data. Perhaps one day, I'll bring it back up or start anew.

it may be possible the server will be back up but i know what you mean Razz i may not have met you but i feel we are quite similar at least with our outlook on our time here when i started here i had been jumping from server to server but i liked my time here so much that ive not really been able to play on another server, even the official server, quite a few of the friends i made here i still keep in contact granted others ive not been able to but oh well
Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:52 am
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