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  Topic: My money making ways :P
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Joined: 24 May 2010
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Ok, so i would like to start this guide from the newbie money making ways (still good cash Razz)

~Rachel~do this if your lvl 120 or lower. This method can make you money and Exp . All you have to do is kill every monster you see in Rachel! All the items they drop cost around 1k each so you can make around 3k per kill.

~Farming items~you can farm box of sunlight, giggling boxes and Poison bottles. they can be a real good way to make money! and you dont have to be a very high lvl to do this.

Box of sunlight - Li Me Mang Ryang card needed. after obtaining tha card, equip it to a clip or something. then just kill angel monsters. the angels at Old Geffenia are a good choice. Then just vend the items or just Sell them to Ren ^^.

Giggling Box - For this one, a card is also needed. Wraith card. then just go to orc dungeon and kill the orc zombies there Razz easy as that. Ren buys these for 15k each.

Poison Bottles - Farming this item can be very tricky! alot of items are needed.

Empty Bottle - Drop from ant eggs in anthell or porings and those newbie monsters Razz
Venom Canine - Dropped from snake monsters
Bee Sting - Droped by Hornet.
Cactus Needle - Droped by Muka
Karvodailnirol - Dropped by Revolvers in bio lab or Poison spores.
Poison Spore - Sold in Alchemist shop.
Berserk Potion - Bought at mall.

this may seem real tricky but people buy this at 200k each if you vend!

Old Geffenia - This way is for the people around lvl 150-180 or more. you might not get much xp but a hell load of cash! Each kill may be 30k each!. kill incubus and subcubus. sell their rings. selling them on a merchant may help alot.

MVP Arena - MVPs can be a real good way to make cash. autoloot everything and sell them. getting a MVP card may give you some mils. Turtle General (TG) cost 3gc Razz.

Good luck money making! Very Happy

pierce arrows
Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:26 pm
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Joined: 08 Jan 2013
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Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:42 am
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