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  Topic: Homunculus Hungry and Intimacy Guide
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Hunger and Intimacy

Ok, so youíve all had a pet or known someone who has one right? These work almost the same way with a few tiny little differences.

Just like with pets you can view your pet statistics by opening up the pet window (alt-r) or additionally, by typing @hominfo, which is more detailed if the command is activated on the server you are currently playing on.

Unlike pets, a homunculus has a ďhungerĒ bar, which will indicate how hungry your homunculus is at any given time in a percent based fashion. Each time you feed your pet itís food, the hunger bar will go up by 10 points (percent), to a maximum of 100. Each minute that passes by while your homunculus is out (not dissolved/rested) it loses 1 hunger. Itís fairly easy to understand. Keep itís hunger out of the red and it wonít lose intimacy.

Intimacy is also similar to a pet intimacy, but on a slightly larger scale. For a homunculus, intimacy ranges from 0 to 1000. If a homunculus is left at 0 intimacy for too long it will run away. To increase intimacy it is just like with a pet. Feed it when itís hungry. Oh, and for the record, intimacy follows this scale:

0-3 = Hate with a passion
4-10 = Hate
11 Ė 100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal

You can also view your current intimacy rating by typing @hominfo (again, only if that command is available to you).

You are more likely to gain intimacy if you feed your homunculus when it is at the correct hunger. Feeding it at the wrong time involves a lower chance of increasing intimacy by 1 point. Yes 1 point per feeding max. As such:

1-10 50%
11-25 100%
26-75 75%
76-90 -5%
91-100 -50%

Yes, thatís right, if you feed it past 75 you have a chance of losing intimacy with each feeding. This is not a mistake. Your homunculus will also lose 1 intimacy when it reaches 10 hunger (and the game will start shouting at you to feed it) and then will lose 1 every 3 minutes afterwards. This means, donít let itís hunger get below 10.

Once a homunculus gets intimacy of 911 or higher (yes, loyal) you can use an item called a stone of sage/philosopherís stone/stone of intelligence to evolve it into itís higher form. Doing this boosts itís hp/sp and itís stats slightly, and unlocks the final evolved skill.

Stone of Sage can be acquired from Gemini S58 (in Biolabs dungeon) and various Thanatos Tower monsters. In previous SVNs it was purchasable through an npc in the alchemist guild. This is no longer the case.

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