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  Topic: Mercenaries Guide
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We have found some basic things that we should know about Ragnarok Online mercenaries. Some of the most common questions we ask are, how to get one, how to use one and basically how it all works!

Apparently, they are similar to homuculus. If youíve tried using a homuculus before, you will probably not adjust much in using a mercenary. The BIG DIFFERENCE is that you enter a contract with a mercenary for 30 mins. You start by visiting one of the mercenary guilds, for your mercenary of choice. The Spearman Mercenary Guild is located in Prontera, the Bowman Mercenary Guild is in Payon, and the Fencer Mercenary Guild is located in Izlude. Buy SCROLLS to summon a mercenary, higher level scrolls are more expensive. In fact the Level 10 scroll which summons the level 99 mercenary can only be purchased using LPoints (a bit difficult and tedious to obtain as you will discover later, so read on)!

Scrolls cannot be sold, transfered, or moved into storage or carts.

View this chart to see the requirements for buying scrolls for Mercenaries. (I did not yet include the prices tho, just the base level and LPoint requirements etc.~)
Ragnarok Mercenary Interface

Enemy Targeting - Alt + Left Click (on monster)
Left clicking once will cause the mercenary to queue up the monster. Left click again and the mercenary will immediately switch targets.
Moving - Alt + Left Click (on ground)
Alt and Left Clicking on the ground will cause the mercenary to stop everything and move to the target cell.
Standby - Ctrl + T
In standby the mercenary will stop everything and wait for orders at the masterís side.
Information - Ctrl + R
Opens the mercenary status window.
RO Mercenary Loyalty

When playing (partying) with a mercenary, that player can gain Loyalty Points (Iíll call this LPoints). More LPoints gives the player faster Killcount (KC) Bonuses and allows the player to contract higher level mercenaries. The number of LPoints is specific to each guild of mercenaries, so for example if a player gains a large number of points with the Bowman Mercenary Guild, the amount will have no effect on the standing with the Fencer and Spearman guilds.

What affects loyalty points? When a strong mob is killed by a player (more than 1/2 the base level of the player), the Killcount goes up by one point. For every 50 killcount, they get one LPoint.

Contract Completion? If a player and their mercenary survive the full duration of a 30 minute contract (the mercenary doesnt die), they gain one LPoint. If the mercenary is killed while bound by contract to a player, they lose one LPoint. LPoints are kinda hard to obtain huh, So make sure your new friend doesnít die!
What about Killcount (KC)?

As either the player or their mercenary kills monsters (monsters higher than 1/2 the base level of your mercenary), their KC will increase. At fixed killcount intervals, a mercenary will receive a random boost to one of their stats. The number of kills required goes down based on the playerís reputation with that mercenaries guild. The mercenary can obtain multiple bonuses, which will increase another stat randomly or boost the same one further. Thereís a total of 5 increases that can be received to each stat.

Killcount bonuses do not stack, and if a player receives a higher level bonus it will replace the existing bonus of that type. When the mercenary receives a boost to its HP or SP, its HP or SP will be completely recovered. The boost to stats that are received is only temporary, it will be lost at the end of the contract.
Ragnarok Mercenary Skills!!!

Doddler offers a complete list of Mercenary skills. You can view it here.
Some FAQs

You can SUPPORT your mercenary friend. However, here are some limitations (there are more, and we discover them as we go):

* Blessing: Mercenary will receive a boost to its hit rate only, and will cure cursed status.
* Heal only gives 1/2 the normal amount that it would heal a real player
* Endow Element can be used by the summoner on his mercenary

Mercenaries can be used in both PvP and WoE maps. Mercenaries are unable to damage the emperium.

The Renters are located in:
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Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:28 am
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Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:16 am
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