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  Topic: heeey

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Hello & Goodbye   Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:57 am   Subject: heeey
from what ive seen yes, granted skye has appeared periodically randomly but not much as ive seen as of late
Periodically and randomly are fitting descriptors for my appearances!
  Topic: Unlimited bullets/arrows quiver

Replies: 4
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PostForum: Suggestion Box   Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:45 pm   Subject: Unlimited bullets/arrows quiver
As far as I know a Quiver can't be modified to behave as an infinite arrow, but in either case Reign isn't the place for infinite bullets or arrows.
  Topic: Warp to more maps

Replies: 9
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PostForum: Suggestion Box   Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:43 pm   Subject: Warp to more maps
This is an idea that's been brought up before, but the specific warp system for Reign was decided from the beginning and it's staying as-is.

As has been mentioned: Direct warping to the end of dung ...
  Topic: Useless

Replies: 27
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PostForum: Reign Chat   Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:07 am   Subject: Re: Useless
no cleaning of the spam on forums,
Last I checked, that was the one thing we have kept up with.

Also: Reign is but memories, dredging it up in hopes of reliving the memories is a waste of time. T ...
  Topic: Uhhh....

Replies: 30
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PostForum: Suggestion Box   Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:21 am   Subject: Uhhh....
Theoretically, I may be able to swing by. What time of day? I'm a little rusty with regards to commands, but I have my cheat-sheets available to help me along so it shouldn't be too difficult to pick ...
  Topic: Anyone?

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Reign Chat   Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:53 pm   Subject: Anyone?
Long time no talk Skye =] how've you been?

Also I was wanting to talk with him on something in particular, but can't seam to catch him online. I've tried @request, mail, forum pm, in game pm, and j ...
  Topic: Anyone?

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Reign Chat   Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:45 pm   Subject: Anyone?
its also kinda rare as of late to see skye on Razz
Typically I tend to be a forum lurker; an extended period without a Reign-capable computer created the habit, unfortunately.
  Topic: Anyone?

Replies: 15
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PostForum: Reign Chat   Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:06 am   Subject: Anyone?
Luzz is busy fighting the enemies of America for Freedom, making grilled cheeses, and shooting the next blockbuster film "Doctor Luzz has a Time Machine AND a Laser Beam!"
That's not far fr ...
  Topic: Happy New Year 2013

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Chit-Chat   Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:52 am   Subject: Happy New Year 2013
Just over three weeks late: Happy New Year, everyone! =)

Replies: 78
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PostForum: Suggestion Box   Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:51 am   Subject: WE NEED TO REVIVE REIGN!!!!
Drastic changes need to be made to get this server back to its former glory.
That they do. I wonder, I wonder, what can we do while clinging to the memories of the past while hoping to eclipse them w ...

Replies: 78
Views: 82378

PostForum: Suggestion Box   Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:45 pm   Subject: WE NEED TO REVIVE REIGN!!!!
My my; what familiar, nostalgic faces and names. Though I can't offer my aid in WoE and PvP, I can certainly plan a handful of events if there are enough interested parties.
  Topic: does anybody even play anymore?

Replies: 14
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PostForum: Chit-Chat   Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:42 pm   Subject: does anybody even play anymore?
We all go through our phases, we come and go as we roll through life. We're bound to meet again, now or later, in this wide vast world of ours. Reign is and was and exists in our memories as well as i ...
  Topic: Looking for: Jaya (Rhea)

Replies: 7
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PostForum: Chit-Chat   Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:09 am   Subject: Looking for: Jaya (Rhea)
Oh. I must be able to see it because I'm a Mod. I dunno if telling you her email would be a violation of my mod powahs. Confused
Stop cheating.

Venser or I could very well send an email to the registere ...
  Topic: Suggestion

Replies: 9
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PostForum: Suggestion Box   Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:07 am   Subject: Suggestion
Truthfully, anyone who makes a video will get Gold Coin rewards for anyone who joins as a result of watching that video if you make a fantastic "Join Reign Online" video and include "Re ...
  Topic: Corrupt a Wish

Replies: 348
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PostForum: Chit-Chat   Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:48 am   Subject: Corrupt a Wish
I wish Greg wasn't gay for Donkey Kong.
Granted! Greg is now straight for Donkey Kong.

I wish that the argument surrounding Tomatoes being vegetables or fruits would finally reach a resolution.
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